4 Common Mistakes Poeple Do with Home Security Cameras

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  • January 25, 2015

No matter how you look at it, burglar statistics are pretty intimidating. With more than 2.5 million home intrusions in the United States each year and around one-third of all residential assaults occurring as a result of a burglary, it’s obvious that you should be taking some precautions to protect your home and family.

The most obvious solution is to install a home surveillance system. After all, properties without home surveillance systems are 300% more likely to be burgled. But sometimes, even the most high-tech home security solutions don’t work.

Sometimes the result of human error, and other times because of system limitations, here are four reasons why home surveillance systems don’t always work for protecting the people and belongings you care about:

1. Improper Installation and Setup

Regardless of whether you have a professional installer set up your security system or you do-it-yourself, mistakes can happen. Some of the most common installation errors include setting up wireless cameras out of range, failing to position cameras to capture the footage you need, and not considering proper lighting for non infrared devices.

The biggest problem is that you won’t know that you have flaws in your system until it’s too late and you’ve become a burglary victim.

2. Too Few Cameras

Even if you’ve taken the time to ensure that all of the cameras in your home surveillance system are working properly and are effectively covering the areas that they’re supposed to, you still may not be protected.

If you want to fully take advantage of the protection that a security system can offer, you need to install the correct number of cameras for your home. Large residences, especially those with numerous points-of-entry, should have more than just one or two cameras.

3. Surveillance Without Alerts

What if you have a complete home surveillance system, with motion sensing cameras covering all of the important areas of your home? Is this enough? Not necessarily.

Your security setup is only as good as its surveillance. Sure, you can remotely view your cameras whenever you get the urge, but what about when you’re not watching?

You need alerts that tell you when your camera captures something important.

Installing a home surveillance system that fails to provide you with intruder alerts is like buying a car with high-end safety features and then closing your eyes while you drive down the road.

4. False Alarms

False alarms are among the most common issues that plague home surveillance systems. They can be such a nuisance that many people wind up giving up on their security system because of the inconvenience. Not only are false alarms an annoyance to homeowners, but they also waste police resources and keep them from focusing on actual crime. Studies have shown that in some areas, false alarms can comprise up to 97% of all security alarm calls.

Some of the most common reasons for false alarms include improperly closed doors and windows, pets in the home while the system is armed, and failing to disarm the system when the property owner returns home.

No matter what home surveillance system you choose to protect your property, make sure that you avoid the four common pitfalls and you will go a long way in improving your home’s security.

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